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Western Bilingual Services LLC


Main Office & Mailing Address:

11220 W Burleigh St, Suite 100, Wauwatosa, WI 53222

Tel: 414-672-6088


    At Western Bilingual we're more than a translation agency.



We take the time to build a relationship and listen how we can be of assistance to you. Taking pride in providing exemplary services, our team has delivered over two decades of help to communities and businesses all over America.


    For language services, we've grown to have staff specialized in multiple industries. No matter the industry, from medical to engineering, we have trained professionals in the specified area. Our translators and interpreters are state certified and tested thoroughly through our language proficiency test.


* Brief History *



    Western Bilingual came to life in 1995 in Milwaukee, WI. It started after a long service in the military when Mr. Cha first came to America from a war torn country. With difficulty finding work to provide for his family, he used a staffing agency to land a job, yet, Hmong being his primary language he had difficulty in terms of communication. After some time, he decided to help his community find opportunity in the workforce, and pass language barriers through translation and interpreting.


In the past Western Bilingual's main clients were for Hmong and Laotian. 


Now, we service over 100 language to a wide demographic.


We equip major industries with translators and interpreters for their important transactions.


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