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Communication with the Pandemic as a Challenge

It is now 2022, we are still in the COVID 19 pandemic and many are still working from home. Getting out in the public was easy for some, while many still hunker at home. Getting support for your clients can still be done with Zoom, Google Meets, and other video conference platforms. Navigating these software has been stressful and now maybe second hand nature for many folks. Even though we are still in a pandemic, people still need support and businesses still need to run. Our interpreters have used different video software, such as Zoom, to support the ongoing support that continues, no matter how tough things get. Interpreters are also available via telephone conference lines. Our prayer and thoughts are with the families and friends whom has been lost from the virus and during this pandemic. It has been a very scary and challenging time. I am grateful to still be here, and know that as we continue working together, we will work to keep the communication lines going.

Britney Xiong


Western Bilingual Services LLC


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